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Small Group Training

We are so excited to offer Small Group lash training courses at Red Rose Lash Bar where you get 1:2 coaching on a variety of techniques including Volume, Advanced MegaVolume & Lashlift courses.


See below for a full list and booking information.

This course is for students who have a good understanding of Classic Eyelash Extension Application. In this course, you will learn 3D-6D Volume Eyelash Extension training using .07 weight. Lashologist Emily will focus on the art of fan making using luxury lashes. Emily will show you how to perfect techniques in fan making so you are able to create gorgeous, full, lush lash sets.  We teach innovative aftercare to ensure your clients’ eyes and eyelashes are not harmed by extension wear and stay fluffy! $1250.00 Classes include kit, manual & lunch, A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to hold your date. Kit manual & lunch included Contact Emily to schedule 615-686-1804

7 hours $750

Volume Training

In this course you will learn how to create Mega Volume lash sets using .03 and .05 Volume lashes creating 8D-16D fans. You will learn how to create beautiful seamless Mega Volume lashes with two distinctive techniques. We will also cover styling, our basket technique to create density and our reverse basket to create a wispy look. We have also included custom lash mapping, color blocking, unicorn, mermaid, rainbow lash sets and more. Our Advanced Mega Volume eyelash extension training is an action packed 1-day class. You will learn our best techniques and tips to take your eyelash extension career to the next level. Kit, manual & lunch included Don’t see a date? Contact Emily to schedule 615/686/1804

7 hours $800

Advanced MegaVolume Training

The Lash Lift course consists of our high-quality formula that lifts the natural lashes giving them the perfect curl. Our system not only lifts and curls your client’s natural lashes, but infuses them with essential oils to add plumpness and luster back into the natural lash. We use various silicone rods that lift all lashes individually which help to create that perfect Curl every time. Our  Lash Lift System has been designed to produce beautiful results and retain the lift on your clients lashes for 6-8 weeks. Red Rose provides an in-depth course that will cover everything you will need to get you started in your Lash Lift career. *Must put a 50% deposit to hold your spot. Kit Manual & lunch included Contact Emily to schedule 615-686-1804

7 hours $650

Lash Lift Training

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