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We stock everything a pro Lash Artist might need. 


We are official distributors of Ruthie Belle products, for more info on what's in stock and how to purchase,

visit our Instagram page or email Emily at



Are you struggling with lashing in hot & humid summer weather? Lashes popping off and retention getting affected by adhesive curing too quickly? Dark Matter comes to your rescue bc hot & humid is just the way Dark Matter loves it 🖤 Dark Matter is a next-generation lash adhesive. It works in every humidity so you can use it from Florida to Nevada! 

✔️Dark Matter is highly cost-effective. One glue dot stays fresh for 1.5-5 hours and one bottle stays fresh for 3 months after opening
✔️It is not only 100% oil proof but actually contains castor oil so it’s more flexible •
✔️Dark Matter works in all conditions: humidity 10-95%, temperature 61-102 degrees F (16-39 degrees C)
✔️Medical grade cyanoacrylate that is also used in wound glue offers the best retention
✔️Purest, highest grade ingredients cause fewer fumes and less irritation for you and your customers



Ruthie Belles Superbonder has been named one of the biggest lash innovations in the past 5 years it’s not surprising there are more and more knock-offs popping up on the market ☠️❌ Some of them are similar to her original product but some have nothing to do with bonding fumes/maximizing retention.. yet they are advertised as such with information copied from our website ‍♀️ To make sure you can differentiate the original from the copies, we decided to make Superbonder colorful , bright yellow! To make sure you are actually using the original high-end innovative product and not an Asian glue accelerator re-labelled as Superbonder (sounds unbelievable but that’s what’s actually happening ) we recommend purchasing Superbonder directly from from our official distributors  Oh and btw our original Superbonder has been Vegan since day one for those of you who have inquired about this 

image1 (1).jpeg


Did you know that you can use our Adhesive Superdry instead of regular primer directly on clients’ natural lashes to:
✔️Remove excess sebum (oil) without drying out natural lashes like regular primer does ‍
✔️ Slightly speed up adhesive curing time  this is perfect for hot & humid summer climate when applying Superdry onto extensions (while they are still on the glue strip) adds too much speed to curing process . When applied to natural lashes instead, it only speeds up curing when extensions are already in position, perfect trick to avoid pop-off’s (pop-off’s usually happen because adhesive cures mid-air before extensions reach natural lashes) ‍
✔️ Has a very low alcohol content  only primer that’s compatible with Dark Matter

✔️ Works with all lash adhesives



Glue Stop blocks lash adhesive from travelling up and closing your lash fans  It works with all eyelash adhesives 

Apply it with the applicator brush 1mm from the bottom of the lash line (while lashes are still on the glue strip) and work as you normally would.

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