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We have some updates!

Dear Red Rose Lash Bar community,

It's been an emotionally & financially draining year for most of us. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Today, May 14th at 5am, mask mandates & covid restrictions were lifted for Davidson County. Here are a few things I am addressing in regards to these lifted mandates.

  • What does this mean?

    • This means you can come in with your mask on or without. It's all about your personal comfort level. We ask that everyone respect​ everyone's choices. There are clients who have health concerns still, so if you see someone wearing their mask please stand 6 ft apart or wait outside the door til we get you. I know we are a small space but we are all in this together & will get through it together.

  • Can I come in sick?

    • NO. We have never & will never allow anyone with a fever or sick into the salon. Please reschedule at least 24 hours out if you feel unwell. We understand things happen but do not bring yourself or any children sick to your appointments. If you act sick when you come in you can be asked to wear a mask or reschedule. We appreciate your cooperation in this.​

  • Will we continue wearing masks?

    • As lash artists we are very close to you & in your face. We have worn masks before the pandemic and will continue to when providing our services. This is for our health but also so you don't smell or feel our breath on you the whole time LOL. We also need to protect our lungs from being in close proximity to fumes all day.​

  • What if I have concerns?

    • If you have ANY health concerns please contact your artist directly. We do not want anyone feeling afraid or uncomfortable when coming into their lash appointment. We again, are all in this together.

  • Will we continue cleaning?

    • YES, we have always used disposable applicators & hospital grade disinfectants on all tools and in between clients. This is a state board law & always has been. Sanitation & disinfection have always been our #1 priority throughout our careers.

We understand we are entering new territory & we want everyone to feel safe. Every client is important & we want to prioritize each of you. Thank you for supporting us! Because without you we don't exist <3.

For questions artist numbers below

Sarah: (615) 517-7885

Emily: (615) 686-1804

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